About Me

Cinque sports ltd Since 1981


The founder has had a passion for cars since he was a teen.His unique experiences and love for cars is brought together to share his passion. The group has a collection of rare and interesting cars that we love to show off. We have expanded to include more modern day models as well, making way for the cars that are instant classics!

Since 1976 Gary served an apprenticeship for Tilleys Fiat and Lancia dealership of Sussex these cars were very advanced for the time and were competing in motorsport with plenty of sport models to choose from. 

It was there he started tuning and made a name for himself. 

Before opening his own tuning shops he gained more experience Research and Development working with

Alan Allard Allard turbochargers

Janspeed Engineering

Turbo Technics

Pace products


Swaymar Engineering

This got me started and I have never looked back and wish to thank them all for the massive support I recived 

What We Look For

"I've never seen a car I didn't like" and wish to exceed expectations is our motto! 

Where To Find Us